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Strategic Relationship

A strategic partnership between the Principals of NavPoint Real Estate Group & Niebur Development is what makes Dormie Capital Partners a strong investment partner for you. You benefit from our combined expertise. NavPoint Real Estate Group is a metro Denver-based comprehensive commercial real estate services firm with significant experience in all facets of the Commercial and Investment Real Estate business. Niebur Development is a well-capitalized commercial real estate development and investment firm based in Colorado Springs with a strong history of successfully executed construction, acquisition and development projects nationwide since 1991.


Niebur Development has successfully utilized its resources, including in-house capital market and operational expertise, to identify and reposition undervalued real estate assets nationwide.


Niebur Development has been in the development and construction industry since 1986, bringing a depth of experience in entitlements, construction contract negotiation and project management in an otherwise complex niche of the real estate industry.

Project Management

Niebur Development brings a professional level of project management, with attention to cost control, schedule management and construction oversight from conception to completion, relying on decades of in-house construction experience.


The NavPoint Real Estate Group brokerage team brings a proven track record of success representing Investors, Buyers, Sellers, Landlords, and Tenants. With extensive experience in all property types, our team of seasoned brokerage experts routinely and expeditiously delivers solutions that bring the desired results to varied assignments and properties.

Property/Asset Management

Our highly comprehensive, hands-on, strategic approach to property and asset management goes beyond a relatively passive model that combines financial oversight with moderate involvement in property operations to one which actually links day-to-day property-level practices and performance with investment strategy.

To accomplish this, we make it our job to understand the operational level components that affect asset performance and manage those components in a manner that drives performance toward expected returns. We also handle many tasks ourselves that others outsource, like leasing renewals and property positioning and differentiation, to ensure peak asset performance.

The NavPoint Property and Asset Management portfolio currently consists of over 200,000 SF of stabilized Class A Commercial Real Estate assets in well located markets.


Real Estate is the second largest cost in business only behind the cost of people. Sound advice when making real estate decisions is a key to creating profitability.  With our extensive experience in every phase of the commercial real estate process, we bring a unique perspective to our clients seeking assistance underwriting a new location or acquisition, renewing a lease or expanding into more space.  Our team has the capability to complete a full market analysis, provide competitive market data and comprehensive demographics to help you make an informed decision with your real estate.  Our team has the practical expertise of having seen almost every type of deal in every property type.